Jane’s Walk Halifax – “Quin”Essential Public Space

On Sunday I went on three Jane’s Walks – Yay. The first began at the Halifax Citadel NHS, wound by the Halifax Common and finished up on Quinpool Rd. Lots of opportunity to look and talk about use of public space – and how we design to use this space.

Halifax Citadel NHS

The next walk, Halifax: Transit City, was for me, one of the most interesting.  A member from the organization, It’s More Than Buses led the walk and had great information about the evolution of neighbourhoods in Halifax pre and post the first transit system.  Wow – a street car suburb in Halifax and Schmidtville a neighbourhood formed in the years before street cars – so pre 1850s (if I have remembered the dates correctly!); followed by a walk down Barrington St.  Just like the brochure says – design and transit work together!

Jane's Walk, Halifax, Transit and Design

Check my flickr for more Jane’s Walk pictures.


2 thoughts on “Jane’s Walk Halifax – “Quin”Essential Public Space

    • Both of these walks were fascinating and both had folks who stopped to listen in and particularly the one that went down a part of Spring Garden Road had a few people join in.

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