Books (and other stuff)

Do you like books?  I confess – books are one of my great weaknesses, so on this page you will find:

  • books about hiking in Nova Scotia (and maybe elsewhere),
  • books about walking,
  • in short, books about anything related to hiking and walking.

Do check back, since I will add to it over time.


Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia, 8th edition, Michael Haynes, 2002.  This is an excellent reference to hiking trails in Nova Scotia.  Just the fact that it is in its 8th edition should tell us something.  I have hiked or walked all the trails he mentions that are near to Annapolis Royal and a variety of others.  There are some quick reference tables with locations, level of diffculty and other details. Among the reasons I like this book are:  – the directions to the trails are clear and accurate, a big plus;  – the descriptions of the trails are clear and informative;  – the text is easy to follow.  The maps are good and very useful, but not as attractive as a map book would provide.  He also provides GPS coordinates for those who navigate with tech tools.


Nova Scotia Atlas, sixth edition. Co-published by Formac Publising Company Limited and the Province of Nova Scotia, 2006.

This is a wonderful book.   We use it frequently to plan our trips to new hiking locations in the province.  It has practically everything you need to plan a trip by road to anywhere in Nova Scotia.  The atlas includes major roads and tiny little byways.  Directions taken from other sources, for example websites or books, can almost always be located in the atlas. I like this because it allows us to get our overall bearing and then really confirm the directions to hiking locations (or where ever we are going).   At a scale of 1:150,000 there is plenty of detail including topographic features such as contours, water ways, lakes, ponds and wet areas.

This publication has changed over time and each edition has improved.  I have an early version from 1992 and we still occasionaly refer to it, but the last edition has so much more in such great detail that  it really is our map reference of choice for Nova Scotia.

Other books:

Wanderlust, A History of Walking by Rebbeca Solnit, 2000.  Comments on December 16, 2010.


2 thoughts on “Books (and other stuff)

  1. Hi!

    Maybe we’re neighbors! I live in Tupperville and have walked, hiked with my dogs, ridden on horseback and driven horses on the track between Tupperville and Round Hill. Was just on with a friend and her mini horse in a cart a month ago. The dogs would love to be running out there now, but I am leary of the ticks.. I hate picking those things off the dogs and as they being retrievers love to meander off the track and into the tall grass and water it makes for a jar full of ticks by the end of it. Maybe if the rain stops it will be a great time to get them back out there for a walk.
    And about Hampton, yes, what a place!! Been here for 30 years and it always amazes me, so low key!my dogs love swimming there! I have actually dug clams there long long ago, they were huge but of course hard to dig because of the stones.

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