Snow shoeing sounds

Tons of new snow has fallen.  School was cancelled for two days in a row!  The woods and paths are still feet deep in unbroken snow. Its really quite beautiful so last night I went for a short snow shoe walk under the moon. [We are approaching the full moon – Feb 9]  It was wonderful and peaceful.   The air felt clear and fresh.  I had put on my headlamp, but with the moon and the snow, I really didn’t need it.  It was easy to cross the field and find my way.  The snow continued to fall and looking across the river was like looking through a veil; all that was visible were lights suspended against a scrim.  When there were no lights objects just faded into the night.  Rather than pictures, I thought I would share some sounds from this snow shoe walk.

-setting out: play

– across the field in deep snow: deep snow

– through the gate and on to the snow mobile track: gate

– coming home: long walk