2013 – more walking/hiking

Hi there.  We’ve been walking/hiking whenever possible in the last several months and I hope you have too.  However, few of these walks have made it into hikesilike.  2013 and a new year – time for a fresh start – so…we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Today we actually didn’t walk, but did get out for a skate at Oathill Lake in Dartmouth.  The ice was really great.  There was a light snow covering and more was falling, but with push shovels everyone there helped to clear small hockey rinks and winding paths for skaters.  As another skater mentioned – lake etiquette suggests you should bring a shovel to help clear a bit of snow as well as enjoy the ice.

Ice skating on an outdoor lake and safety:  It is important to consider the ice thickness and other conditions; are there streams coming into the lake or plants growing in through the ice for example?  HRM does provide an ice thickness report for area lakes, but of course any skating is at your own risk.

It’s great fun and a great way to burn off some of those holiday season sweets!


skating at Oathill Lake

Last weekend we went skating at Oathill Lake.   Dartmouth has many small lakes and when the conditions are right the stating is just great.  The ice was fabulous that day.  Nothing beats outdoor skating; and this lake is large enough to accommodate hockey games, people who are just out to skate as well as families playing.

Oathill Lake is a small lake in an urban setting.  It doesn’t garner the use or attention of a larger lake like Lake Bannook – it is a quieter place.  The area neighbourhood has formed the Oathill Lake Conservation Society.

We had a grand time and depending where you live you can walk or drive.

There were a large number of strange stars in the ice.  Perhaps caused by test drills for ice fishing???  More pictures can be found here.


Getting ready at the Oval

The Canada Games Oval is within easy walking distance from downtown Halifax.  So for one lunch time walk this week I ambled over.  There was no public skating – the ice was being prepared for competition. The ice machine was out, and what a sleek looking machine compared to my memories of such machines…

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morning skate – Canada Games Oval

What a fabulous skate!  I began the day with an hour of skating at the Canada Games Oval in Halifax.  Public skating began at 9:30 am and was not crowded at all – it was quite lovely gliding along.  By 10 am there were a lot more people.  No, this is not walking (or hiking) and it is going around a track – but whizzing down the track with the wind fluttering my hat and hair is just wonderful.  And the great thing about skating is you don’t actually have to go that fast (I certainly don’t) to get this feeling.

The city of Halifax is contributing the Speed Skating Oval to the Canada Games 2011.  From now until the games in February there is skating almost every day.  Skating is free and at different times over the day.

2011 Canada Games – Halifax Oval

2011 Canada Games Oval - Halifax

Walking around the Halifax Common today (my first time ever), was my first up-close look at the Canada Games, 2011 speed skating oval.  It takes a big bite out of the Common, but it’s not permanent.  Once the Games are over, the City plans to return the space to the Common.  And before the Games, there will be public skating – should be fun!

2011 Canada Games, Halifax Oval. Nova Scotia
For a bit more info on the Oval try the 2011 Games and the HRM websites.