after snow – rain

After the mid week snow (and there was lots!) last week, we had rain creating icy conditions when the temperature dropped again.  Consequently, on the weekend we walked!  On Sunday we walked about 6 km at Shubie Park.  And there were still many km to go.  That’s because from Shubie Park in Dartmouth you can connect to the Trans Canada Trail.  We always enjoy our time there.  With the thin covering of melted snow the traffic had left tracks in the snow – everything from runners to snow shows, to skis to bikes.

Shubie Park in Dartmouth, NS

There were intermittent snow flurries too!

snowflakes in Shubie Park


Sullivan’s Pond meander

Exploring your neighbourhood – more to see walking

Ilan Sandler chairOn Sunday last I had a lovely relaxing walk along Prince Albert Rd., around Sullivan’s Pond, over to Lake Banook and back along Prince Albert Rd. There is a new sculpture by Ilan Sandler at the Greenvale School (now loft apartments) – I really like it.

A walk around Sullivan’s Pond on a lazy Sunday afternoon is easy and relaxing.

fountain, DartmouthTo finish off the walk – cross Hawthorne St. to follow the path to Lake Bannook by way of lock one at the end of the Lake.

Lake Banook buoysLock one, Shubenacadie Canaloutdoor exercise equipment

For the ambitious – Just before the lake is a city sponsored outdoor exercise area.  Maybe next time, I’ll try these machines!  For directions on this route check my HRM map (Sullivan’s Pond circle).

Shubie quick walk

Shubie Park Saturday past we had a quick walk around Shubie Park.  This urban park has everything for the urban walker looking for an easy walk with nature.  Trees, easy level paths, dogs off-leash areas, ducks, water, short loop paths, parking and longer paths along the Shubenacadie Canal for those looking to go a bit farther.

Despite the wet, wet weekend we encountered lots of people and they all seemed to have either dogs or cameras.  There are smaller streams that join up with the canal.  These little streams gurgle and burble – lots of quiet fun.

Blizzard walk on Lake Banook

Lake Banook, Dartmought NSSidewalks were barely ploughed and lots of wind sent the snow into long drifts this Saturday making the windswept ice across Lake Banook was an excellent place to walk, more easily (We did see one couple, out enjoying the storm, using snow shoes to get around).  A weekend snow storm is a great time to see things from new perspectives and the chance to walk across the lake was too good to pass up.

Lake Banook, Dartmouth, NSLake Banook is an active place – winter and especially summer.  At least three canoe clubs and two rowing clubs are located along its shores.  Municipal parks with beaches dot the shores and there are walking paths too. National competitions such as the 2012 Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships also take place here.   And of course, Lake Banook is part of the Shubenacadie Canal system.

Shubie Park – Wintergreen

wintergreen, heath family, Gaultheria procumbens

Wintergreen in Nova Scotia Dec., 2011

On December 18, looking for a quick walk, we headed off to “Shubie Park”.   Brilliant red berries edged the trail – Wintergreen, also called teaberry (Gaultheria procumbens).  Coincidentally, we went there for a winter walk on December 18, 2010.  And none of those photos were posted – so, a couple follow here.

Shubie Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

When I searched hikes i like for other Shubie posts for links there were no Shubie posts…what’s up with that?  We often walk there when looking for a longer in-town walk. How could I not have posted?  Shubie park is a green space along a Nova Scotian canal.  There are all kinds of trails there and it is especially popular with dog walkers (there are off leash trails).

The Shubenacadie Canal and waterways is an intriguing bit of Nova Scotia.  Check the events and activities for descriptions of trails and maps.  And the HRM has an excellent map of Shubie Park here.