Cobbles on the Bay of Fundy

Hampton_6433-cropped v1

Yessterday, early evening I went for a walk on the beach at Hampton.  It’s a great work out for the calf muscles, but that isn’t why I went.  I went to listen to the waves and hear the cobbles rolling in the surf.  We often think of the Bay of Fundy as mud flats and it is, just not everywhere.  The drive to Hampton, with its working wharf, lighthouse and small cottage enclave is well worth it.

As waves rush out the cobbles roll around creating a light clacking sound.


For further exploration: pictures and sounds of waves on cobbles .


Birthday Walk

Hampton is the perfect place for a walk on the shore.  It has it all, picturesque wharf, cobbles (small), cottages (but not too many), streams to ford (at low tide), and easy access.  Yesterday was a grey day, but oh so warm: imagine 18˚C in November!  It is a popular spot and even late in the season you may meet others. We met two couples, but few people venture far down the shore.  And for solitude, explore east of the wharves, along the grey basalt of the Bay of Fundy shore. [more on basalt in a future post]

Hampton is located on the Bay of Fundy, between the valley towns of Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown. Check the maps.

Hampton, NS, just before the tide change.

Hampton, NS, just before the tide change.

Driftwood and small cobbles

Driftwood and small cobbles