Fishing the Petitcodiac River

Fishing with an “enfilée

Before we set out on our walk to Beaumont [point] we chatted with a fisherman along the bank of the Petitcodiac River.  He was using a rod and line, but no hook.  He was using something Acadians call an enfilée.  No hook is used, instead nightcrawlers are threaded along two loops of line.  These loops are then carefully swung into the water.  When fish bite, the fisherman must bring them in gently – it takes real skill since the fish is not actually “hooked”.  Apparently this old technique is rarely used these days.  The fisherman (not a young man) we spoke with talked of coming to fish at Beaumont with his father.  They fished then as the gentleman on Saturday was – for tomcod, known in French as poulamon.

night crawlers as fish bait with no hook


ice fishing on the Annapolis River

Ice fishing on the Annapolis River in Nova ScotiaIce fishing on the Annapolis River in Nova Scotia

Yesterday what started out as a walk along the old train bed turned into a walk on the river.  The little huts or shacks are out for ice-fishing so you have to figure that the ice is pretty solid.  It was great walking…all the wind had brushed the snow off (into drifts on the path we abandoned). The shacks are made of every material imaginable: wood, plastic, nylon, canvas, and metal and they come in all colours too.  Earlier in the month there were more out on the river, but I didn’t catch any photos.  The numbers of huts and shacks shrink as fish numbers shrink.  Smelts are the fish of choice, but apparently eel are possible to catch as well.

A lonely bench waiting for spring and river fun.