Halifax-Darmouth Ferry (Halifax Harbour has traffic control)

Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry, Nova Scotia

Heading to Dartmouth on the Halifax-Darmouth Ferry yesterday

Did you know that Halifax Harbour has traffic control?  Today (on my walk to work), I chatted briefly with a  worker on the Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry.  If I had ever thought about traffic control for ships in the harbour at all, somehow I had imagined that all those ships’ captains were just using “rules of the road”.  But no, turns out that just like an airport, Halifax Harbour – a busy port – has traffic control too.  In fact, according to this person, there are two control centres, one operated for civilians and one operated by the military!  A little web search revealed that it is the Canadian Coast Guard who operates Marine Communications and Traffic Services here.  And if you want to see a map which shows ships in Halifax Harbour in real time that is possible too!

Yesterday was a brilliant, warm day for walking home; and the ferry ride was especially nice.

Halifax from Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry.

Departing Halifax Ferry Terminal