bridge walking – transit strike

The ferry is not running! During the current transit strike in Halifax there are lots of walkers out – even across the Macdonald bridge in winter! The view is fabulous and today the temperature was above freezing and the sun was out. Of course taking pictures added considerable time to my traverse, but the light was great and I had never taken the time to really look across the expanse of the view.  It is possible to see out to the ocean, past Georges, McNabs and Lawlor Islands.

The walk across the bridge adds about a 1/2 hour to my regular walk-ferry combo so… I have been alternately walking and catching a ride to work.  Sidewalks and my destinations make it easier to walk on the east side of the bridge, but I hope to try the west side too – just have to check that walkers can use the bike side!


Bridge Complete at Sawmill Creek

This past weekend I had a chance to step out on the completed bridge over Sawmill Creek — featuring an excellent side walk.  In fact the side walk gives more room for walkers than the road (highway 201).

The bridge has been complete for at least a couple months and by next year this time it will be hard to tell how new it really is.  For pictures of the construction that I haven’t posted you may want to check out some additional pictures on flickr.

Sawmill Creek – construction cont.

Bridge construction on Sawmill Creek continues…

As promised, I’ve measured the width of the creek.  That is I’ve walked the temporary bridge across Sawmill Creek counting my steps;  from the west abutment to the “third” abutment totals 34 steps and from shore to shore totals 42 steps.  Now – how far is my step?  With my daughter’s help I can say that it is about 66 cm or 26 inches.  Following this measure, the creek is about 2772 cm = 27 m  or 91 ft wide from shore to shore.  And with no signs of more abutments…maybe there will be links from abutment to abutment next?

Sawmill Creek bridge – 3rd abutment

Building this bridge is taking a long time…the third abutment is well underway – concrete is poured.  The day these pictures were taken water was being pumped over the concrete; kind’uv  strange when you think that the abutment is actually sitting in the creek!  I wonder if this is the last one – surely it is.  The creek is not that wide.  The next time I’m there I will measure the width.

The first and third abutments. Once the bridge is constructed these abutments will all but disappear.

While I was taking these pictures Sunday morning, traffic over the temporary bridge was constant and yet the “creek” upriver was peaceful and to the camera’s eye idyllic.