Snowy Owl at the beach

bird of prey

Sometimes, you just wish you had a better camera!  Yesterday at Lawrencetown Beach we were lucky enough to see a snowy owl.  We spotted the white bird at a bit of a distance as it flew over the waves, and then flew over us!  The walk in the cold, cold wind over the cobbles was definitely worth it Sunday.

Lawrencetown Beach_5160

On the winter beach, cobbles have virtually swallowed the stairs leading from the parking lot to the shore (crossing the dune). We walk frequently at Lawrencetown Beach.  It is close to Halifax and is an excellent hour plus walk on a cobble stone beach.


2 thoughts on “Snowy Owl at the beach

  1. That Snowy Owl is quite popular. I see photos of him in the Nova Scotia bird F.B. group.

    What happened to the sand ? Damn, is the whole beach cobbles now ?

    • It was high tide when we visited; there is sand lower on the shore. Winter waves push the cobbles up and take the sand away; summer waves usually restore the sand – but it does seem as if the sand is less these last couple years.

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