Martock — x-country skiing

cross country skiing at Martock, NS

After a bit of lovely light snow this week, we set out to try the trails at Martock.  We had a fine time in the warm sunny weather.  Imagine our surprise to find steep hills on the trails! Cross-country ski trails at Martock are laid out in a series of loops.  There is a map at the start and another at a cross point farther in and these maps are useful, but not enough.  We would have really appreciated some signs or labeling of the trails.  Because the trails are laid out in loops that cross it is difficult to know where you are.  At one point, I felt like I was skiing in circles – to which my partner replied “we are”.  Doubtless he was right, but I would have liked to be able to plan my circles!  There are not really that many loops and trails; a morning or afternoon of skiing will easily take you over all the trails.

country skiing, Nova Scotia

This week not all the trails were open and the snow conditions were ok, but not exceptional – lots of base, but a bit icy with fluffy snow on top.

Martock is close to Windsor and easily reached within 40 minutes from Halifax.


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