Blue Beach Fossils

Blue Beach, Bay of Fundy

Blue Beach is a fabulous place to find fossils.  We had a grand day at this beach on a recent Saturday – low tide, distant rain, warmth – what more could we have asked?  Sometimes there are places you go for fossils, but the fossils are hard to find.  Here, at Blue Beach, there are fossils everywhere on the beach – above the tide line.  Of course most of the fossils are worms tracks*, but still! My nieces were with us and it was thrilling for them to find real fossils.

fossil burrowsBlue Beach fossilBlue Beach fossil plant

Blue Beach is located on the Avon River close the the Bay of Fundy.  Lots of that Bay of Fundy mud to explore.  By the end of our wander along the beach we (all the women/girls) had taken off our boots and sneakers and squished our toes in the mud; there is nothing like it.

This beach is not hard to find, but does require directions.  Check out my Nova Scotia map or the website for the Blue Beach Museum. The beach is an easy hour drive from Halifax into the Annapolis Valley.

IMPORTANT: Take pictures of your fossil finds because → Fossils in Nova Scotia belong to the province and are protected by the Special Places Protection Act.  You must have a permit to dig or collect fossils.

* Actually these long wiggly tubes are the remnants of silt filled burrows that may have been made by creatures that are like worms, but are not necessarily worms; but the term worm tracks is just so much more evocative and easier.


3 thoughts on “Blue Beach Fossils

  1. Here I am back again 3 years later and Blue Beach is one of my favourite spots. Thanks for the suggestion. BTW I “think” you may collect fossils that are on the ground but you may not use a tool to chip them out of a cliff face etc … please correct me if I’m wrong. I plead guilty to lugging home the occasional find. I usually just find fossils of wave action, worm tubes or cracked mud.

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