Crowbar Lake

view of West Lake, HRMCrowbar Lake Hiking Trail is part of a system of 18 km trails less than an hour away from Halifax.  We had a great day hiking there last month – a really great day!  I recommend this trail system. The trail traverses dry granite ridges and boggy low areas.  When I made a list, several days after the hike, of plants observed and remembered – it reflects typical Nova Scotian habitat for the eastern shore: pine, spruce, witch hazel, clintonia, bunchberry, twin flower, jack in a pulpit, sphagnum moss, pitcher plant, orchids, blueberry, and leather leaf.

We also saw some Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora.  It’s not rare, but not always seen or noticed. An interested flowering plant with no chlorophyll. A great photo and explanation from one of my favorite blogs, Botany Photo of the Day.

Monotropa uniflora on Crowbar Lake Trail, July, 2013The trail goes up and down – really up and down those ridges.  We made it as far as part way around West Lake – the second loop; and this took about 4 hours.  To complete all the loops would be a long day…maybe this fall.  The trail is narrow and fairly well maintained by volunteers in a provincial wilderness area, Waverly – Salmon River Long Lake Wilderness Area.

A previous hike is here.

And our friend along the trail:

American Toad


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