urban greenway – Halifax

Canada Day today, so we took advantage and walked along Beaufort Ave.  This short walk is the first “step” in a possible urban greenway in Halifax. Along one side of Beaufort Avenue, in the south end of Halifax there is an asphalt path, open for multi use.  This street follows the top of the rock cut leading the train lines to the seaport.  This rail line is not used (much – at all??) and the rock cut and rail line has become a lovely green space.

Bringing this vision to life will create space for people to easily travel in a small part of Halifax (outside their cars!) along a naturalized, reclaimed industrial space. More detailed information is available from HUGA. Because this trail is along a street there are great views in Google streetview; search for Beaufort Avenue, Halifax, NS.

We actually went a bit farther and walked down to the very end of South St. which ends directly on the water of the North West Arm – who knew?  You could even launch a canoe here, although there is nowhere to leave your car.  And walking down Oakland Rd to the end takes you down to the water too – this time down a long series of steps ending on a solid dock- steep to come back up!


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