Trans Canada Trail cont.

Now that I have sorted the info from our trip – not one photo from the section of the trail that we enjoyed the most!!  What was I thinking?  Not only are the photos a way to share the walk with you, the reader, but this visual record helps me organize my thoughts about what I want to share! So… I can recommend this website to plan and see news about an Ontario section of the Trans Canada Trail and – as promised it links to a great map for this Peterborough to Hastings section of the trail. Drive west out of Hastings, follow the smaller roads (concession roads) and head down towards Trent River/Rice Lake.  We parked in the woods on the side of the road and set off.  A lovely walk under the trees, along wetlands and little traveled – at least when we were there.


One thought on “Trans Canada Trail cont.

  1. There’s a lovely book called “Battered Soles” by Paul Mason about a fictional walk on the TransCanada from Peterborough to Lakefield. If you want to borrow it just let me know …

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