Upper Burnside Waterfalls

Spring is a great time to see Nova Scotia’s waterfalls.  On Sunday last, after a week or more of rain, we went on a waterfalls hunt.  We successfully found 2 out of 3 and so we plan to go back for the third. (We did find falls #3, after circling the same back roads twice. We heard it, but didn’t see it – at least not from below because we had run out of time to search for a clear path through the woods.) The first falls, Unnamed Falls, according to Allan Billard, was the tallest and most impressive.

waterfall in Musquodoboit ValleyThere was a sign in the woods that labeled these falls – “Fantum Falls”.  Neither of the two falls required long hikes to see them, although Unnamed Falls was at the end of a rough path (about 400 m) through woods and brush. The second falls, Burnside Falls, was very close to the road and a worthwhile addition to our list since we were in the area.  The local community has created a small park along the road with a long, steep stairway leading down to the falls.

waterfalls near Upper Burnside in Nova Scotia The waterfalls we planned to see were all in or near the Musquodoboit Valley.  The two falls shown are on my HRM map and directions can also be found by looking at photos by benoitlalonde on Panoramio.  From Halifax, visiting these falls is really a driving trip with stops for short hikes into the falls.

There are some lists about Nova Scotia waterfalls online.  There is also a great little book, that I refer to, Waterfalls, Nova Scotia’s Masterpieces, by Donna Barnett with text by Allan Billard.


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