Tulips on Tulip Street

Tulip Street DarmouthTulip Street in Dartmouth has some keen residents who have banded together and planted hundreds and hundreds of tulips on their street. Really – 10,000.  It’s quite marvelous. We’ve walked over a couple times and today I took my camera – so of course the skies opened and the light rain became a deluge – but still worth the walk and the view.  More information about this neighbourhood initiative can be found in several news stories and on tulipstreet.ca.

The champion of this initiative has challenged nearby streets, Rose and Dahlia to try their hand too, with roses and dahlias of course!  Won’t it be fun to see if there are more flowers next year?

Tulip St. Dartmouth, NSTulip St. Dartmouth, NS


One thought on “Tulips on Tulip Street

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. Hope rose and dahlia join in. I have a friend on Thistle street. Think of the marvellous Goldfinches is Thistle Street joined in …:-)

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