Martinique Beach & Clams

clam - quahog April 2013Flying straight toward us a gull dropped a clam on the beach from about 10-15 metres in the air today at Martinique Beach Provincial Park.  That clam didn’t break, but all along our walk we found clams – whole ones, broken ones and wet gull tracks.  These clams were over 10 cm wide – really big and I’ve never seen so many of these large clams on one beach on one day.  Some people call these clams quahogs.

clam or quahog - Nova Scotia. April 2013There was excellent walking on this beautiful flat sand beach – all 10 kms, 5 km east and 5 km west to return. Martinique Beach is about an hour east of Halifax – map.


2 thoughts on “Martinique Beach & Clams

  1. I am always amazed to see seagulls dropping clams and following them down to scoop up the spoils. Like your shot of the “escaping” clam.

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