Thomas Raddall – provincial park

provincial park - Thomas RaddalNova Scotia has a great collection of provincial parks and I’ve heard great things about Thomas Raddall.  I’ve wanted to go for ages and so was thrilled to finally get there this week.   Of course the gate was closed, so we walked three kilometers on squishy gravel road to get to the first “parking area” and trails.  We had taken our snow shoes, anticipating snow, but the road in was clear so we left them in the car. That did mean though that we had to more or less stick to easy walking as we explored.

We walked to the beach, a marvelous beach.  We took the Sandy Beach Trail, a short loop trail, from the beach back to the “parking” area. There are lots of other trails and we will definitely be back in the summer.

Thomas Raddall provincial parkThomas Raddall provincial park is just over two hours southwest from Halifax, along the south shore. The provincial website has an online map which is good for orientation, but the map in the brochure (available as a pdf file) is better.

Notes:   1) Because I really wanted to show the effect of the stream coming to the shore the beach picture is stitched – sorry for the difference in lighting.  This picture looks toward the area (Sandy Bay) now protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.    2) Thomas H. Raddall was one of Canada’s and Nova Scotia’s foremost authors and historians.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Raddall – provincial park

  1. I am currently reading his book, “Footsteps on old floors”.

    I could not tell that I was looking at combined images. You did a marvellous job ! Looks lovely. Another one for my list. I think I’ll wait till the days are longer as it will be over a four-hour return trip.

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