Skiing the Pockwock Watershed

Pockwock Lake watershed - wetlandWe started off the week with great cross-country skiing in the Pockwock Lake watershed. It was beautifully quiet and  fresh.

Even after the warmth and rain of the previous week there was still lots snow and a fresh dusting over a solid base really made for ideal conditions.  Because this is a popular spot there are tracks to follow from other folks – but not grooming.  On a day like Monday, where we were the first (and maybe the only) skiers, we sometimes could see the track and at other times were breaking trail – certainly gave us a good work out.  The main trail follows existing roads (not winter maintained) or access paths through the watershed.  There are also some paths through the woods, although we didn’t follow those for more than a kilometer or two since we were unfamiliar with the area.  We skied over 10 km and look forward to returning to explore further.

This wooded area is easily accessible off Highway 103 and my Nova Scotia map shows a parking spot.


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