Blizzard walk on Lake Banook

Lake Banook, Dartmought NSSidewalks were barely ploughed and lots of wind sent the snow into long drifts this Saturday making the windswept ice across Lake Banook was an excellent place to walk, more easily (We did see one couple, out enjoying the storm, using snow shoes to get around).  A weekend snow storm is a great time to see things from new perspectives and the chance to walk across the lake was too good to pass up.

Lake Banook, Dartmouth, NSLake Banook is an active place – winter and especially summer.  At least three canoe clubs and two rowing clubs are located along its shores.  Municipal parks with beaches dot the shores and there are walking paths too. National competitions such as the 2012 Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships also take place here.   And of course, Lake Banook is part of the Shubenacadie Canal system.


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