laminaria in winter

Crystal Crescent Beach, Nova Scotia

Crystal Crescent Beach is such a lovely and typical Nova Scotia Beach I am always happy to visit.  A popular beach – even in winter when we went a few days ago on a brilliant sunny day, there were a few other people on the beach and trail.

Crystal Crescent Beach, Nova ScotiaWinter storms typically cast seaweed up on the shore in squishy, drifts.  Waves must have washed sand over seaweed strewn on the beach since the laminaria (and other seaweed) were poking up through the sand – something not usually seen in summer!

labrador tea-cv1

The trail winds through some typical boggy/spruce woods.  Tight flower buds topped Labrador tea plants.  We will try and return in the spring to see them in bloom.  (And double check that they are labrador tea and not some other ericaceous plant.)

Crystal Crescent Beach provincial park is a great place in winter or in summer.  This previous post links to maps and other info.


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