Halifax Harbour Walk

Ferry terminal in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. October 2012One of my favorite things about Halifax is the waterfront – the harbour and sea.  On the weekend we set out to take full advantage of Halifax downtown and the sea – we traveled the ferry from Alderney Landing, walked along the waterfront, behind the seaport, around the perimeter of Point Pleasant Park and then finally looped inland and back down to the Halifax ferry terminal to finish up the day with another boat ride. green roof of Halifax seaport market. October 2012

The green roof of the Halifax Seaport Market looks out over cruise ships docked at the Halifax Harbour/Port.

Halifax seasport from Young Ave. October 2012Walking along Young Ave. takes you across a bridge over the train tracks and looks down over the tracks to the seaport.

It is ironic that the walk along the Halifax seaport takes you by a working seaport – large containers and cranes – and no access to the shore itself.

In Point Pleasant Park the perimeter path is never far from the shore and points straight out to sea – the wide Atlantic.  Inland paths are lovely leafy bowers.


Path Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 2012

Check out my HRM map to see the route in more detail.  It combines water, built waterfront and shops, excellent city park with a more “natural” feel, and residential & downtown streets.  This walk took just over two hours at an easy pace and is entirely on side walks and paths.  This loop has lots of variety through diverse neighbourhoods and alternate routes.


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