Woods trail at Taylor Head

On Saturday last, we walked the beach trail and the spruce woods trail to a look-off at Taylor Head Provincial Park.  The weather was fabulous for our visit to the park! This was our fist time along the Bob Bluff Trail and it offers great views out to the ocean from a trail that winds through old spruce woods.  In fact, while the trail is well marked and easy to follow, it does not appear to have a lot of traffic.  The low scrub along the way overhangs the trail and made me wish for long pants instead of the shorts I was wearing.   Now, we plan to return in the fall and walk the entire Bull Beach Trail – we only did about 1/2 or perhaps a bit less; partly because unless you work out a car shuffle, this linear trail must be a to and fro hike – not quite so fun when prickles are scratching or tickling your legs!

Nova Scotia

Other posts about this park highlight other trails.  Check out my map and the Friends of Taylor Head.


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