Jane’s Walk at Williams Lake

Jane's Walk Halifax Excellent walk today! Jane’s Walk Halifax at Williams Lake.  The leader of the walk, Mark Harrington, shared highlights from his neighbourhood and some of their concerns about development there.  We visited “a recent clear cut, an historic community, and a threatened jewel”.  Jane's Walk 2012 Halifax behind Saint Augustine's ChurchOur first stop – an area where an old estate has been purchased and work has begun for a housing development.  Loss of paths through the woods (now cut) and preservation of historic community access to water are the topics here.

Our path took us by a wonderful community garden featuring rhododendrons from Captain Dick Steele’s gardens.  This small garden is on private land (Note: not open to the public) with a conservation easement and managed by the Halls Road Garden Society.  What an absolutely marvelous idea!!  Plus, we were treated to a walk through the private garden that was originally Dick Steele’s. The rhododendrons there have been growing for 50 years – it was marvelous and will be stunning, I have no doubt, when flowers open in a 2-3 weeks.

The walk ended with a meander through the woods along Williams Lake and a discussion about possible development around the lake and how people can work to incorporate community/human aspects.

All about neighbours connecting – pretty neat!  Jane's Walk Halifax 2012


4 thoughts on “Jane’s Walk at Williams Lake

  1. Hello. Sounds like a wonderful event. We just wanted to let everyone know that the garden managed by the Halls Road Garden Society is on private property and not open to the public.

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