Up and down and around

Harbour Lookoff on Musquodoboit Trail “Strenuous climbs and panoramic views”  that’s what the sign at the trail head says and it’s all true! Several weeks ago we spent over 4 hours on the Admiral Lake and Bayer Lake Loops of the Musquodoboit Trailway.  We had a fantastic day. The hiking really was tough for this weekend hiker and it was a good thing that we began at noon and that the days are longer now.

Some views look all the way out the Atlantic Ocean (above).

view of Bayer Lake, Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia

Other views look over inland lakes, like Bayer Lake in Musquodoboit Valley.

Witches broom describes an abnormal plant growth.  There was a great example growing half way up a spruce tree along the trailway.  The growth hormones that promote this growth can be stimulated by a number of causes from fungus to insect damage.  I’ve posted a couple extra pictures here as well.

The Musquodoboit Trailways website has lots of information about their various trails and directions on how to find them.  These trails are about 40 minutes from Halifax.  Just a note:  I have placed these trails under degree of difficulty – medium because my rating system does not include a harder level; the loop trails really are challenging and you should allow time and be very fit.


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