Fairmont Ridge – Antigonish Co.

Fairmont Ridge Hiking Trail Sunday last we took an hour to explore the Fairmont Ridge Hiking Trail.  We had a great get-away-hour in the woods and along the brook – maybe a tributary of Ogden Brook? The trail is set out in loops.  We only had time to do a bit of the trail.  A sign warned of flooding due to beaver dam flooding, so we retraced our steps rather than complete the loop, but an hour would likely have been enough to complete that first loop.  The trail begins by heading up and eventually climbs to 360 meters vertically over approximately 11 km.  We will definitely have to return for what must be a fabulous view.

Antigonish Harbour from Fairmont Ridge Hiking Trail

The name Fairmont suggests – to me – fond memories of blueberry picking by the firetower and on some investigation it seems there is still a provincial firetower at Fairmont (one of 33 in the province).  It is some (long) distance from the end of the trail. Maybe next time we’ll do a bit of cross-crountry!

The trail is located along route 337.  Check my map for the exact location. A trail map is provided by Service Nova Scotia.


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