York Redoubt NHS

York Redoubt has been a military installation for over 200 years.  Today, it is a national historic site with lots to explore.  Trails all over the site lead through the woods and among the building relics.  Some of the trails are based on old roads and others seem to be paths worn by people taking short cuts through the woods.  The views from York Redoubt are really great and must have been fabulous when the view was open during periods of military activity.

Cannons are impressive. The interpretive signs note that these nine-inch rifled muzzle-loading guns fired pointed shells designed to pierce armored ships.

rifled muzzle-loading gun at York Redoubt NHS, NS

The 1798 martello tower was incorporated into other structures during the 1800s.  The darker uneven stone is part of the original round martello tower.

Martello Tower, York Redoubt NHS

Even in February the site is popular, especially with dog walkers.  We estimate there were probably between 50-70 people at the site today.  Trails are graded and even.  In some places the trails do go along steep banks, where small paths take off for the more adventurous.  The stairs leading to the WWII fire command post are steep!

The site is easy to find about 10 km from downtown Halifax out along Purcells Cove Road.


5 thoughts on “York Redoubt NHS

  1. Those shots are lovely. Are the tunnels open in winter ? Didn’t see any shots here. We’re heading to York Redoubt and Duncan’s Cove this weekend. Anything else in that area I should be checking out ?

    Cheers, Sybil

    • No, the tunnels are not open in the winter – a reason to return this summer. Maybe Polly Cove (which does not yet appear here).

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