Shearwater Flyer Trail

Last weekend the roads were quite icy, so we went for a walk close to home.  The Shearwater Flyer Trail is part of the old rail bed which has been converted to trails all around HRM and connects to the Salt Marsh Trail out Lawrencetown way.  This walk is very flat and straight.  It is an easy walk (when you’re not slipping on ice).  The western end passes behind houses and an industrial area, but once past these areas it is a pleasant walk in typical Nova Scotia spruce and scrub/brush woods. The ground in the woods is very wet and covered in mosses; Kalmia (sheep laurel) grows in more open, boggy areas.

burned woods along Shearwater Flyer trail in Nova ScotiaThere were burned woods along part of the trail.  Not sure when this area burned, but not too many years ago, I think.

conks on dead treeThe conks (polypore fungi) along this dead tree trunk caught our eye through the leafless trees.

Directions and maps of this trail were surprisingly few online.  However, the trail has been mapped and named on Google Maps.  We began near the western end, but I would suggest beginning at the parking lot identified on my map.

The trail is named for the former CFB Shearwater which while now a part of CFB Halifax continues to operate as an airport and wharf.


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