an urban gem!

loops and more loops at Hemlock Ravine Park

Great big wet snow flakes were coming down by the time we got away to take a walk this afternoon.  We headed out for a short (one hour) early afternoon stroll. Lucky for us we had more time than that.  With all the criss crossing loops we missed a turn shortly after beginning – the plan was to follow the outside perimeter, but somewhere we missed a right turn and ended up exploring lots of loops.  The park is aptly named; there were beautiful hemlock trees, branches bending gracefully as the snow accumulated.

 The snowflakes gathered on branches in delicate piles.

 Hemlock Ravine Park is a small patch (~80 ha) of parkland in the middle of Bedford.  This park is very accessible and very pleasant to walk.  The trails are easy unless you go off trail and scrabble around the ridge along the ravine. The wet snow made these off-trail jaunts a bit slippery. HRM provides a map and there are frequent maps around the park. The Friends of Hemlock Ravine share info and photos too.


4 thoughts on “an urban gem!

  1. enjoyed your entry as the past ones…good to know of these different trails not far from the valley floor…we didn’t get as much snow dusting on the trees as Bedford….quite lovely photo of the Hemlocks…was that you camera that took the snowflake crystal?

  2. Did you see any deer ? Apparently there are lots of them in the area. I had a lovely walk there last summer.

    That single snowflake shots is lovely.

    Happy hiking.


  3. Lovely! I’m hoping to move to Halifax from the UK this year. I was brought up off the Bedford Highway, and really want to live there again! Lovely to have found your blog via Sybil on Eastern Passage Passage

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