Salt Marsh Trail – Snow!

 December 25 was a beautiful winter day in 2011.  The Salt Marsh Trail was just the place to admire the snow (before it all left later in the week!). The trail begins in the woods, but quickly leads out into the salt marsh where the old rail line used to run.  It is really a great opportunity to walk with dry feet through a salt marsh environment.  Rails to trails - Salt Marsh Trail Close to Halifax, the trail is easily accessible and even on Christmas Day we met other walkers and runners. The full length is 6.5 km, but since it is not return, tracks in the snow indicated that most people don’t go the complete distance. This trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail system and the HRM recreation web pages includes a map.  There are often ducks on the water here.  During our walk we saw lots of ducks and Canada Geese who may never leave if the weather continues as warm as it was today (10 C).


One thought on “Salt Marsh Trail – Snow!

  1. Hey, you’re in my stomping ground. I’m in Eastern Passage. A friend and I walked the section to Lawrencetown Beach in the fall and it was a nice walk. The 13 k round trip was a bit more than I’d planned for …

    Your photos are lovely.

    Happy Hiking !

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