Nova Scotia Beaches

sandy beach in Nova Scotia Canada

It is pouring rain today, so here is a bit about sunshine beaches in Nova Scotia.  Living close (at least closer than two years ago) to the ocean is one of life’s pleasures, as is being able to walk on the beach; and any type of beach – sandy, rocky, cobbles, covered in seaweed, or squishy mud – will do.

Last weekend was a beach weekend, four in two days.  Kejimkujik National Park – Seaside was one and two others were:  Carters Beach and Summerville Beach provincial park.  These beaches are easy to find and have parking too.

sandy nova scotian beach

A friend recommended Carters Beach as the place to find sand dollars.  And indeed, we did find more than the usual number.  Carters Beach is actually a series of three beaches.  We only walked the first; a stream separated us from the next two.  Access to the beach was down a rocky bank, not for everyone, but the beach is lovely and sandy.

Summerville Beach provincial park is a marvelous sandy beach. It is very close to the road and access is easy since as a provincial park there is a boardwalk and stairs to the beach.   Down-loadable coordinates for all provincial parks can be found here. And if you would like to share your experience is the place.

Across hikesilike the best way to find beaches is to use the tag shoreline since I began posting by including the shorelines of streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and the Bay of Fundy as well as the ocean beaches of Nova Scotia.


2 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Beaches

  1. Have you thought of collecting your posts into a book and publishing it ? You can self-publish. I’d love to be able to leaf through your suggested hikes.

    Really enjoy them.

  2. Sorry to post this here but wanted to ask if you’ve been to see the Aspotogan Sea Spa ? I’m trying to find someone who’s been there.

    It’s a massive spa that was started in 1994 and abandoned when they ran out of money.

    I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to see it up close and if it’s guarded. Would love to get inside but doubt that’s possible.


    P.S. can you email me directly. Thanks.

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