dragonflies and damselflies at Soldier Lake

damselfly in Nova Scotia. 2011

Several weeks ago, we went for an afternoon amble around the shores of Soldier Lake.   A Nova Scotia Power dam has recently been completely rebuilt on a brook flowing out of the lake.

power dam at Soldier Lake

(We saw it in the throes of construction last fall.)

There were dragonflies and damselflies in abundance during our most recent visit.  It was also slightly breezy, gently bending the delicate damselflies (see above); and the dragonflies were in flight. Check out their mating behaviour here in this great article by National Geographic.

dragonflies at Soldier Lake

A few more pictures of damselflies and dragonflies for enthusiasts.

Soldier Lake is close to Dartmouth and easy to get to, however older maps may be misleading since the exits on the highway have changed in the last few years. My map, HRM, shows exit 14 off highway no. 118.

(note:  This lake appears in different places as Soldiers Lake, Soldier’s Lake and Soldier Lake.  Since the official provincial atlas, published by the province of Nova Scotia lists the lake as Soldier Lake – that is what I’m going with.)


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