Poppies on Thanksgiving Dartmouth Harbourwalk

This Thanksgiving weekend the weather has been fabulous.  Today before dinner we walked along the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour. There is a short city walk along the shore.  The views to Halifax are great. The cruise ship tied up in Halifax actually dwarfs Georges Island. Amazing!

Port of Halifax and cruise ship

Some stretches along the walk are surrounded with greenery and others are fairly industrial. One section has been seeded with a mix of flowers.  The bright colour of the red and pink poppies just popped.

Thanksgiving poppy in Halifax, Nova Scotia

And on one flower, a fly (mimicking a wasp) was busy at work.

This walking path is easy to find.  It links the two Dartmouth ferry terminals – Aldernay Landing to/from Woodside.  The asphalt trail includes one section which is actually sidewalks on nearby streets.  It is also a great path for cycling.  Walking one way, terminal to terminal, will take about an hour. A detailed map is provided by my-waterfront.

More pictures of the fly in the poppy can be found on flickr.


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