Pennant Point and Sundew Plants

As we walked out to Pennant Point a few weeks ago we traversed some spots with great panoramic views.

Close-up views are fascinating too.  An assortment of different plants grow along the trail.  The soil is typically poor and in some spots tiny sundew plants thrive.

Sundew - carnivorous plant These carnivorous plants have leaves modified with sticky hairs that trap small insects.  The nutrients provided by the insect make up for the poor soils where these little plants grow.

 The sticky hairs trap the insect and the leaf wraps around the insect.

sundew carnivorous plant and insectMore pictures of sundew plants.


2 thoughts on “Pennant Point and Sundew Plants

  1. I never knew what these plants were called, but really like the effect of their colour. I saw lots of them earlier this year whern I walked part of the South West Coastal Path in Cornwall. Really nice shots!

  2. Yes, I really like the drops of liquid catching the light. These round leaf sundews are the most common. I wonder which you saw.

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