Crystal Crescent Beach and Pennant Point Trail

The beaches at Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park are really great, but the walk out to Pennant Point is even better.  We had a fabulous day for our walk ending a week of summer vacation.  The trail begins at the beaches and carries on along the coast out to Pennant Point.  Here, just like at Taylor Head, you will travel a variety of habitats, granite coast, stunted spruce, barren land and bogs.  On this sunny Sunday we did not stop at the beaches, but headed straight out to walk the coast.

Pennant Point was worth the walk.  Even at this popular beach and on a beautiful summer day, no others were at the point when we arrived.  There was even a seal on those rocks off the shore!

Our walk took about 4 hours return.  The park is within an easy drive of Halifax, perhaps an hour from downtown.   A useful map of the park shows the trail and my map locates the park and what we did.


3 thoughts on “Crystal Crescent Beach and Pennant Point Trail

    • It’s fun to share something enjoyed. I’m glad you enjoy these posts. Your comment reminds me to share more books about walking – a project for this winter 🙂

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