Taylor Head hike begins vacation

hiking Nova Scotia shoreline

My vacation this summer began with a fabulous walk out on Taylor Head.  The Day was brilliant – sunshine, but not too hot, a slight breeze, no fog – always appreciated on the Atlantic coast. We’d been to this provincial park before, but not at the height of summer and this was our first walk out towards the head.  The plants and their habitats on this point of land cover the gamut for Nova Scotia’s shoreline: spruce woods, boggy uplands, coastal barrens and rocks, cobbles and great slabs of …more rock (metamorphosed sedimentary ones)  .

As we walked across the head, from east to west, we crossed the bog/heath area and spotted some pitcher plants, (Sarracenia purpurea).  These carnivorous plants are endlessly fascinating (at least to me!). The flowers of these plants are particularly interesting. (The upside down umbrella is the pistil.)

pitcher plant fower in Nova Scotiapitcher plant in Nova Scotia

Several trails follow the shore. In fact, this is one of the best accessible places in Nova Scotia to walk a long stretch of shoreline with out cottages and roads.  We hiked parts of the Spry Bay trail and the Headland trail.  This combination took us about 4 hours and is about 20 km return.  I’ve marked it on my map and the Friends of Taylor Head have a great map and other information.


2 thoughts on “Taylor Head hike begins vacation

  1. I encounter a lot of these pitcher plants in the boggy area of Hartlen Point. Located at the end of Shore Road (Eastern Passage). It’s marked “no trespassing” but everyone walks there. Not a long hike but a pretty walk along a cliff edge. It’s wet, so wear waterproof footwear.

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