Saint Margaret’s Bay Trail – 4 : on a bike

Saint Margaret's Bay Trail - view

Earlier this year we began walking the Saint Margaret’s Bay Trail.  It’s a great walk, but after three days (over separate weekends) it was time to try biking on this rails to trails trail.  We had lots of fun and went to the end of this part of the old rail bed in Hubbards.  The rail bed continues with the trail under the name: Aspotogan after the Aspotogan Peninsula. While we enjoyed walking some sections of the Saint Margaret’s Bay Trail, I think on the whole this trail is best  done on a bike.  It is long and flat and some sections follow the provincial secondary road # 3 – not deep nature woods that’s for sure.  And, if your goal is to do the whole thing and you want to see some great views along Saint Margaret’s Bay, a bike will allow you do this most easily since the views are interspersed with lots of forested areas.

Saint Margaret's Bay Trail view. Nova Scotia

This mixed use trail is well suited to bikes.  Check the map for a sense of the trail route.


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