Saint Margaret’s Bay Rails to Trials – 3

We set out in a light drizzle on Sunday to do the next leg of the Saint Margaret’s Bay Trail.  The trail is easy, and the views should be great on the section we walked…on a clear day!  Not too far along the trail crosses a small stream, I think it is Smelt Brook (should have taken the gps – next time).  This section of the trail is edged on one side by a drop to the bay and on the other by a steep climb to higher land.  The brook practically falls down the hill creating a series of mini waterfalls.

These woods were delightful – pine, fir, spruce and maple.  The path following the brook was well traveled, but not so much that soil had been worn away.  And the farther we walked up the hill the more the moss and forest floor plants edged to the very banks of the brook.  One of the neatest things about these woods are the leafy like  lichens that grow on the tree trunks.

I’ve labeled this post – 3, because we had a walk several weeks ago continuing from where we ended on -1.  Yesterday we walked our third section – from the parking lot on the Station Road in Head of Saint Margarets Bay.  This is a linear trail which means unless you have arranged for rides you walk one way and then retrace your  footsteps – as we did.


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