Crowbar Lake Hiking Trail System

On Easter Monday we had a fabulous day!  The sun was out, there were no bugs, and the trail was fun.  We walked a small part of the the Crowbar Lake Hiking Trail System.  We went up and down  for about 3 hours and covered only a small part of this trail.  Clearly we will have to go back.  The section we covered had excellent views – at the tops of hills –  over typical Nova Scotian spruce/pine forest with lakes off in the distance.

The forest also showed the devastating effects of Hurricane Juan, 2003 and the Porter’s Lake fire, 2008.  The thin soil cover of this area, sprinkled liberally with small and large boulders – erratics – from glacier retreat was not able to hold the trees during the hurricane.  When we crossed the hurricane’s path there were dead-falls every where.  The 2008 fire consumed this fallen wood and brush.  Some of the standing trees had trunks burned on one side.

We crossed Spriggs Brook with brilliant reflections.

For more reflection photographs look up flickr.

The trail is a combination of straight line (well sort of) trail and successive loops.  The province of Nova Scotia provides a description and map.[- which does not seem to be working…so try this pdf and map of the trail or look at my HRM map to find directions to the location, April 27.]  The Crowbar Lake Hiking Trail System is located in the Waverley – Salmon River Long Lake Wilderness Area about 30 minutes east of Halifax.


3 thoughts on “Crowbar Lake Hiking Trail System

  1. Did the first loop the other day. Amazing is all I have to say and that this trail is going to WHIP my husband and I back into shape! I love it!!!! It was just what I was looking for every step is different and I love that. Awesome for dogs too!

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