McCormack’s Beach Provincial Park

This tiny little day park offers a quick peek at Nova Scotian shoreline.  Its short boardwalk (1 km) on Halifax Harbour skirts sand and stone beaches to take walkers around a small point in the Harbour opposite Lawlor’s Island.  We ended up there yesterday after another path/walk turned out to be much shorter than hoped for.  (The maps we usually consult didn’ t show any path but my partner was hopeful:))

Eastern Passage of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia - towards Atlantic Ocean

Standing almost anywhere in this park it is possible to see Halifax and then turn and gaze out towards the Atlantic Ocean.  It reminds me of how close to the sea Halifax really is as a port city.

Located in the village of Eastern Passage (now part of HRM – Halifax Regional Municipality) the park is close to downtown Halifax and even closer to downtown Dartmouth.  It is popular with people out for a quick walk away from downtown.  (When Google maps zoom is working I’ll update my map).


3 thoughts on “McCormack’s Beach Provincial Park

  1. It’s a lovely little walk isn’t it. I love seeing the buildings of Halifax just up the harbour.

    I really enjoy your Blog.

    Eastern Passage

  2. Next time you’re in the area, keep driving up Shore Road to where it dead ends at Hartlen Point. Park being careful not to block the gate and with all tires on gravel and walk up the gravel road. It ends after a bit so just follow the obvious trail and you can walk along to the end at the ocean. Walking back, find the path along the cliff edge. Careful of eroded pits where the path leads into space. It’s an easy, lovely walk. Always windy. Bring a jacket. Enjoy your walk. Sybil

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