Dawson Brook Falls

Easy to find – no, but worth it – a delightful surprise in the woods.  Especially since we had already walked into and out of the woods once, before finding the path.  On our second attempt we opted to follow the stream.  Pine and spruce woods give way to pine and hemlock sprinkled with fir here and there.  These are lovely old, tall trees some of which have trunks that are 2-3 ft in diameter; too wide for my arms to surround.

These falls occur on Dawson Brook, which is just a small stream, but the falls are about 20-30 ft – quite a drop.  We set out today (early spring) hoping to see the falls with enough water to see waterfalls.  There was water – liquid and frozen.  The ground was frozen too, in fact the path was quite icy, limiting where we could go on the steep sides of the brook/gorge.

Dawson Brook Falls are actually close to the road, but there is no well marked trail and directions from different sources seem conflicting.  The best directions we found were in Waterfalls, Nova Scotia’s Masterpieces; but you may also find directions on various trail web pages.


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