skating at Oathill Lake

Last weekend we went skating at Oathill Lake.   Dartmouth has many small lakes and when the conditions are right the stating is just great.  The ice was fabulous that day.  Nothing beats outdoor skating; and this lake is large enough to accommodate hockey games, people who are just out to skate as well as families playing.

Oathill Lake is a small lake in an urban setting.  It doesn’t garner the use or attention of a larger lake like Lake Bannook – it is a quieter place.  The area neighbourhood has formed the Oathill Lake Conservation Society.

We had a grand time and depending where you live you can walk or drive.

There were a large number of strange stars in the ice.  Perhaps caused by test drills for ice fishing???  More pictures can be found here.



3 thoughts on “skating at Oathill Lake

  1. What beautiful pictures of the lake. We’ve lived on the lake for over 40 years and to us it’s a real urban treasure. We formed the Oathill Lake Conservation Society with the intention of preserving it and hopefully bringing back some of the biological diversity it once had. Perhaps, you’d like to join and we could post some of your pictures. We have an application on the website.

    The ice stars you photographed are naturally formed and are likely the result of small upwellings of warmer water. Having said that, the holes drilled or chopped open for the ice fishery are making a real mess of the ice surface as well as posing a hazard.

  2. I don’t know what causes those strange shapes in the ice. I have taken pictures of them for years now. This year I had the idea that they could be caused by springs. In summer when we go swimming we hit cold spots. Could those designs be caused by those cold spots?

    Check out my pics of our neighbourhood: haven’t updated them lately.

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