Long Lake Provincial Park – 1

Every day on my way to work last year, I drove by a parking lot on St. Margarets Bay Rd.  There were always cars parked there – a trail of some sort seemed likely; so last week we drove out, parked and went for a walk along Long Lake, a lake in Long Lake Provincial Park.  It was a warm day (over 0°C) and the walking was very pleasant.  There are no carefully planned/marked trails visible here. In some ways this is great, no restrictions – but people have walked all over the place and there is little under story in the forest, it has all been tramped down.  This continues for at least the first kilometre as you head around the lake.  In one spot we weren’t sure if we were walking on a trail or a stream bed (perhaps a trail that had been eroded?).

The park is much larger than just Long Lake and I look forward to entering the park from other spots for more exploring.  In the meantime enjoy these great pics.

The weather (wet and cool – just below 0°C) before our walk was just right for crystals to form in the soil.  These are always so neat, pushing up a tiny bit of soil, like little hats.


3 thoughts on “Long Lake Provincial Park – 1

  1. Hello! I found your site while trying to find the name of those beautiful little ice crystals that push up through mud on cold mornings. I love your pictures! Your sense of what to photograph reminds me of my own.

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