Barrens and lichen by the shore

Somewhere between Peggys Cove and West Dover we set out walking to explore a small piece of Nova Scotia shoreline, barrens two days ago.  Lichens are one of the most striking features of these barrens.  Nova Scotia has hundreds of types of lichens and they come in an array of colours and forms.  Maybe it is the combination of algae and fungus (in symbiosis) that lends lichens their great variety – a closer look for the keener!

A general introduction to lichens in Nova Scotia is available through the Nova Scotia Museum website.

Most of the paths on these barrens are paths worn by people over time – not “officially” planned routes – some lead to unexpected ends.  We ended up scrambling down a short cliff after following our noses along a path as a short cut back to the car before dark.

The shoreline is spectacular in the style of Peggys Cove – spare and windswept – without the small village setting.

A family member showed us where to park along highway 333, but really any good spot to stop (ie a parking lot) should be fine.  Between Indian Harbour, NS and West Dover, NS much of the land is crown land and there are a multitude of paths.  I have marked where I think (GPS not working properly!) we were on my map to provide a sense of the area. The Nova Scotia Atlas is a great resource indicating public lands.


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