Atlantic View Trail on New Years Day

We celebrated New Years Day by exploring a new (to us) section of the Trans Canada Trail in Nova Scotia – Atlantic View Trail, or at least a part of it.  (We were sidetracked to a tromp along the beach.)  This part of the Trans Canada Trail follows the shoreline east of Halifax.  Some parts are very close to the shore and other parts are more in the woods.  The part we followed yesterday was more in the woods –  boggy, scruffy, spruce woods with the highway between us and the “distant” shore.  I say distant because for us it was – but on the map it wasn’t.


Carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant thrive on Nova Scotian spruce bogs.  One of these boggy areas has so many pitcher plants that they showed as patches of red dotted across the moss.  This hardy plant survives even the ice formed in the water trapped in its “pitcher” leaves.


2 thoughts on “Atlantic View Trail on New Years Day

  1. Hi there. You didn’t mention it, but the bridge in one of the Atlantic View pitures crosses over the Porters Lake Canal . A manmade canl created in the mid-late 1800s to allow access to the lake by Schooners from Three Fathom Harbour.

    The Schooners would load up on lumber in Porters Lake.

    Across from the park bench is another trail that follows the canal dowen to the lake.

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