Halifax Common – crows break through ice

Halifax North Common, November 2010 I left the house with a little flutter of excitement on Saturday; I planned to walk around and across the Halifax Common – something I had never done before.  This completely urban space (connecting Halifax and by extension walkers and others, to British medieval traditions) was quiet, but filled with activity: people striding across the space, following sidewalks around the edge, couples strolling, others throwing a ball for a dog, parents with children, a crowd off in one corner and most fascinating – the crows.  I heard a gentle tap, tap, tap and peered around for the source – crows tapping on the ice skimming the puddles!  Crows on the Halifax Common, Nov., 2010

crow plunges head in ice covered puddle on Halifax Common

HRM provides a short history of the Halifax Common and an aerial view is helpful to situate the Common in the city.  If you are very interested in common land/resources check out the book, Governing the Commons, The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action by Elinor Ostrom.  I once heard her interviewed – truly captivating.


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