BLT – a walking trail in Halifax

Waterfall on BLT trail, Halifax, NS; Nov 2010

A waterfall lured me to the BLT trail.  The Blue Jay Way section of the BLT trail is removed from traffic and houses. It follows the shore of Governor Lake and then Governor Brook to Six Mile Falls.   Six Mile Falls is a small waterfall, but quite delightful along this plain, well traveled pathway.

Six Mile Falls - waterfall on BLT trail in Halifax Nova Scotia, Nov, 2010.

OK – BLT might sometimes describe a sandwich, but in this case actually stands for Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea, the communities that this urban pathway crosses.  In fact, Halifax boasts an extensive trail system and contains several  long connected portions of “rails to trails”.     BLT only has designated parking at either end of its 13 km and a good part of this trail section is very close to houses and the #3 highway. Check out this map for exact directions.  The section I walked was an easy walk (4 km one way) and besides the waterfall included a tiny bog area complete with pitcher plant and a cool hemlock grove by the brook – where a young family enlisted my aid in a family photo session.

Further information can be found at these locations: map, info, Halifax trails where you  will see that some of these trails are ideally suited to  weekend cycling; maybe that’s how I should cover them all, hmm…but I really do like walking.


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