Acadian dykes in Annapolis Royal

Dyke walking is one of our favorite walks.   Annapolis Royal and the surrounding area offer lots of opportunity for dyke walks.  On Sunday past we set off to walk the dyke on the west side of Allains Creek.  It is a short walk since the dyke is interrupted by a large stream entering the “creek”, but exhilarating nonetheless.  Dykes raise you up so that all the open sky and vast expanse of marsh meadow (cultivated and uncultivated) stretches out…

Dykes and their origins in Acadie (Nova Scotia) are explained by RGS at Annapolis Royal Heritage and for a more nature oriented explanation try Ducks Unlimited.

There are numerous places around Annapolis Royal to find a dyke for walking:  the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Allains Creek as mentioned in this post and found on the map, and Melanson Settlement NHS.  And if you wish to explore the Annapolis Valley there are many other locations, even dykes from downtown Wolfville.

[A note on the post title: I don’t know that these very dykes are Acadian, but it seems likely that if not these dykes then dykes in the same location since the French settlers who came to this area with Charles de Menou D’Aulnay in the 1630’s introduced dykes to Acadie and began here on the Allains Creek marsh.]


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