from waterfalls to mudfalls

Easter weekend we were fortunate to have time to hike near Pomquet, Nova Scotia.  There is a wonderful trail on the bluffs (Monks Head), overlooking Saint George’s Bay.  The trail runs along the shore and has loops that are both on the shore and up above in the woods.  The bluffs/cliffs are “actively eroding” and from the shore we saw the most amazing mudfalls – like waterfalls but not.

The sound as the mud falls is a gentle plop, plop, plopping.

The beginning of the trails at Pomquet can be reached by traveling to Pomquet from Highway 104 and choosing the Monks Head Road.  You will pass the Kingsley Brown road on your way to the beach.  Drive up the hill for a parking spot, or park along the road at the bottom if you plan to stay on the beach.  The Sunrise Trail, Antigonish Area has a grand tourist map in Google Maps.  It is well labeled with lots of trails in the area.


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